Designed for all vessels up to 65 feet

The marine internet kit has been designed to suit both power and sail vessels up to 65 feet. We have been selling internet kits for a number of years and over this time have refined the kit to embrace new technologies and customer requirements.

Our kits include a high quality 3G/4G/4GX modem with integrated Wi-Fi access point. The modem will connect to the nearest cellular tower and then re-distribute this internet connection via it’s inbuilt Wi-Fi access point for all devices onboard to share the common and fast internet connection.

The kit includes two 4G antennas which we recommend that at least one of these is mounted as high as possible on the boat. We only use high grade LMR-400 coax cables for these antennas, as this is the only way to ensure a reliable and fast signal. The kit includes 10m of cable by default but we can option this to longer lengths as required. The modem is designed to be powered from either the vessels 12V DC source or can be plugged into a 240V mains supply if present.

Upon receiving and installing the kit all you need to do is insert a nano sized SIM card (That’s the same size as used in most mobile phones) into the modem and power on. We have configured the modem, including setting up passwords and enabling Wi-Fi settings, so you can simply connect to the available Wi-Fi network and start enjoying the high speed internet connection.

Marine Internet Kit Benefits:

  • Allows you to share the internet connection with multiple devices without the need for turning on your phones “Hot spot” and using excess battery power
  • Worldwide network carrier support built to cover you wherever you may cruise to
  • High speed category 12 4GX modem, allowing download speeds up to 600Mbps
  • Operate your business from onboard using the high speed internet access available
  • Stream Netflix or your choice of online content to your Smart TV
  • Includes provision to add another internet service (eg VSAT, Starlink)
  • Keep all your chart plotters connect and up to date with the latest firmware and chart updates
  • Utilise Wi-Fi calling (where available) to make and receive phone calls over the internet connection
  • Potential to monitor onboard camera and other systems while away from the boat
  • Allows you to record voyage data to the internet for free (additional hardware required)
  • Stay connected for critical weather updates and alerts
  • Comes pre-configured, ready to install
  • Australian designed modem

Marine Internet Kit Contents

Marine Internet Kit Contents


  • Modem supports 3G/4G/LTE/4GX with a single nano sized SIM card
  • Operates from 12VDC (2A fuse required) or includes 240v Australian plug pack
  • Category 12 modem with carrier aggregation support enabling download speeds up to 600Mbps
  • Modem supports all frequencies and bands used in Australia include B28 (700MHz) for the best offshore coverage
  • Kit includes 2 of 9dB gain marine antennas with adjustable nylon mounts (antenna height on mount is xxx)
  • Kit includes 2 of 10m LCU-400 high quality coax cables (Options for 15, 20, 25m)
  • Includes 4 x 1Gb LAN network ports for hard wired devices (eg Smart TV, cameras etc)
  • Includes 1 x 1Gb WAN network port for additional internet connection services like satellite
  • Modem supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz MIMO Wi-Fi (802.11ac Wave 2)
  • Modem is unlocked allowing use on any mobile network
  • Modem includes mounting rail and clips to securely mount the modem in the vessel
  • 2 year warranty on the modem

Marine Internet Kit Connection Overview

Recreational Vessel Internet Kit contents

Testimonials & Performance

We are often asked by customers if the kit will work at a particular location. What we always say is that if the antenna can “see” a land based cellular tower then there is an extremely good chance of a connection. This is why installation height is key, as the higher you can get the antenna located, the further it can see over the horizon.

For some locations we are asked about we have had many customers report successful and reliable connections at. The most common location in Queensland seems to be Lady Musgrave Island. If the antenna is mounted at least 9m above the water than connectivity at Lady Musgrave is almost always achievable. Not only that, I have at least one client who streams Foxtel while in the lagoon at Lady Musgrave.

I went out on the weekend to check as many ‘no reception’ points on my yacht as possible near me! I can confirm that the internet is working amazingly and I have full reception everywhere!  Its quite amazing. I got and sent phone calls, messages, and was able to stream the live news and iview- I’m absolutely delighted!” – Sue

Further Questions or ready to purchase?

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