Designed for all vessels over 65 feet

We understand that larger vessels have different requirements and priorities when it comes to onboard internet access. It is therefore not possible to provide a kit for these scenarios and we therefore design custom marine internet solutions around the vessel to ensure the available internet connection is available in all necessary cabins.

Our custom marine internet solutions utilise the Peplink brand of cellular 4G and 5G modems. Peplink have a well founded background in maritime solutions onboard and in most cases, have seen it all before and know exactly how to provide the right hardware for the challenge.

We utilise Poynting antennas to ensure that our high quality Peplink modems are utilised to their full potential. Poynting also have a great range of 4G/5G antennas, specifically designed for the harsh marine environment.

Our custom marine internet solutions include all the modems, antennas, cables and ancillary hardware required to get connected. Customers have the option for single or dual 4G modems, single and dual 5G modems or combinations of both. The signals from a system with dual 4G/5G modems can also be bonded together to achieve a large and fast internet connection. This can be great to satisfy all users onboard thirst for data. Our solutions often include multiple Wi-FI access points located around the vessel to insure the internet is available wherever required.

We will be adding more information here in the future, however in the meantime please check out the marine case study from Peplink

We also design systems for commercial vessels of any use.

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