Marine Internet Solutions Australia

Marine Internet Solutions Australia is a leading maritime internet solution provider.  Achieving fast and reliable internet connectivity solutions onboard vessels is what we do.  

The past few years have seen a steady increase in the desire for internet connectivity on yachts.  Sourcing a cost-effective solution which maintains a reliable, flexible and fast connection is not always easy. This is where we come in, to tick all those boxes and more!

Getting connected these days is more than just providing a reliable and easy to connect with Wi-Fi service. Many onboard devices are now not only network connected, but benefit from an always present internet connection.  

Our core solution offering is our Marine Internet Kit Performance which is designed for all vessels up to approx. 70 feet. Check out our Marine Internet Kit Performance

For larger vessels and commercial operators we utilise a selection of Peplink’s marine internet connectivity devices. We are able to design a solution to suit any vessel owners or operators requirements.  Leveraging 4G and 5G technologies along with shore based Wi-Fi and WAN options we build solutions which can seamlessly move between different internet sources based on cost, security or speed without any interaction from you.

Our Peplink solutions are enterprise grade and as such are highly reliable.  Utilising Peplink’s SpeedFusion and InControl 2 all devices can be remotely managed, monitored and tracked if required.  This service is included with all our solutions for the first year.